About the East Tennessee Region


knoxville_tn_regionCut into the dramatic rise of the Appalachian Mountains, East Tennessee is home to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park – the nation’s most visited – and hundreds of smaller park areas and communities that support a vibrant tourism economy based on outdoor recreation, Appalachian culture, and the bluegrass tradition. A strong history of scientific leadershjip, from the economic development efforts of the Tennessee Valley Authority to the twentieth centure atomic experiments at Oak Ridge, also underlines the region’s outstanding innovation and technology sectors. Today, Knosville is leading the way in regional initiatives to manage its workforce, economies, and rich natural resources.

The Knoxville/East Tennessee Region’s succesful awared of the 2010 HUD Regional Planning Grant for Plan East Tennessee (PlanET) is creating new cutting edge models for regional visioning, regional comprehensive planning and community design, implementation, and capacity building that is advancing this region’s priorities. PlanET is a regional partnership of communities and organizations building a shared direction for the future. PlanET seeks ideas to protect the valuable resources and address the region’s challenges regarding jobs, education, housing, transportation, a clean environment, and community health. The goal is to create long-term solutions or investments in the region and to define the next chapter of the rich history, leaving a legacy of optimism and opportunity for future generations.


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