Southwest Tennessee Lead Regional Organizations


Lead Contact Organization: Regional Economic Development Initiative


REDI is the flagship regional organization in West Tennessee and is serving as a model to other areas.  REDI is the only regional organization in this area that has brought together economic development, education and workforce development all to the same table to talk and work together on ways to improve the region.
Regional Economic Development Initiative

Created in March 2010,  REDI is focused on creating regional collaboration in 11 West Tennessee counties.  The goal of REDI is to create a public/private sector partnership in West Tennessee to addresss issues that affect job creation and quality of life for its citizens.  REDI has four components:  Entrepreneurship, Education/Workforce Development, Technology and Capacity Building.  The REDI College Access program is the cornerstone of the program and serves 19 high schools, 18 LEA’s and works with approximately 1500 high school seniors.  REDI has won four innovation awards since its launch in 2010. (contact Lisa Hankins)


Regional Partner: Southwest Tennessee Development District

swtddThe Southwest Tennessee Development District (SWTDD) is a regional planning and economic development organization that serves eight counties.  SWTDD was organized in 1971, and is one of nine state-wide districts established by the General Assembly under the Tennessee Development District Act of 1965.  The SWTDD is charged with providing comprehensive planning, and promoting economic, community, and human resource development.  As a public non-profit association of local governments, the District serves Chester, Decatur, Madison, McNairy, Hardeman, Hardin, Haywood and Henderson Counties. (contact Joe Barker)


The following table lists the diverse group of public and private sector partner organizations located and working within the Southwest Tennessee Region.


OrganizationService AreaTypeWebsite
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VITAL Economy
Chester County Chester CountyGovernment
Crockett CountyCrockett CountyGovernment
Decatur CountyDecatur CountyGovernment
Gibson CountyGibson CountyGovernment
Hardeman CountyHardeman CountyGovernment
Hardin CountyHardin CountyGovernment
Haywood CountyHaywood CountyGovernment
Henderson CountyHenderson CountyGovernment
Lauderdale CountyLauderdale CountyGovernment
McNairy CountyMcNairy CountyGovernment
Tipton CountyTipton CountyGovernment
Southwest Tennessee Development DistrictSouthwest TennesseeNon-profit
Northwest Tennessee Development DistrictNorthwest TennesseeNon-profit
Memphis Area Association of GovernmentsGreater MemphisAssociation
Jackson State Community CollegeTennesseeInstitution
Dyersburg State Community CollegeTennesseeInstitution
TN Higher Education Commission TennesseePublic
TN Student Assistance Corporation TennesseePublic
TN College Access & Success Network TennesseeNon-profit
Ayers FoundationTennesseeFoundation
USDA – Rural DevelopmentPublic
West TN Industrial AssociationWest Tennessee
Delta Regional Authority Public
Univ. of TN Institute for Public Service TennesseeInstitution
WestStarWest TennesseePublic
State of TN Department Economic and Community DevelopmentTennesseePublic
State of TN Department of Labor & Workforce DevelopmentTennesseePublic
Workforce Investment Act – Areas 11 and 12Southwest TennesseePublic
Chester County Chamber of CommerceChester CountyAssociation
Crockett County Chamber of CommerceCrockett CountyAssociation
Decatur County Chamber of CommerceDecatur CountyAssociation
Humboldt Chamber of CommerceHumboldt
Milan Chamber of CommerceMilan Association
Greater Gibson County Chamber of CommerceGibson CountyAssociation
Hardeman County Chamber of CommerceHardeman CountyAssociation
Hardin County Chamber of CommerceHardin County Association
TEAM Hardin CountyHardin County
Brownsville/Haywood County Chamber of CommerceBrownsville/Haywood CountyAssociation
Henderson County Chamber of CommerceHenderson CountyAssociation
Lauderdale Chamber/ECDLauderdale Association
McNairy Regional AllianceMcNairy County
McNairy County Chamber of CommerceMcNairy CountyAssociation
Tipton County Chamber of CommerceTipton CountyAssociation
South Tipton County Chamber of CommerceTipton CountyAssociation
AT & TNationalCorporation
AeneasJacksonPublic Utility