Long-Term Objectives and Actions

Tennessee is a southern state that is currently showing great promise and results in the implementation of regional economic and community development actions that align with the Partnership for Sustainable Communities’ Principles and Programs through a diverse group of public and private sector partner organizations located and working within key regions of the state.  We have adopted Tennessee-specific Quality Communities Principles that guide this work.

Tennessee Regions’ Roundtable Leader and Cumberland Region Tomorrow Executive Director Bridget Jones announces the formation and the goals of the Tennessee Regions’ Roundtable at the 2012 POWER OF TEN Regional Summit.















The long-term objectives and actions of the Tennessee Regions’ Roundtable include working to:

  • Position Tennessee to adopt Quality Communities Principles and Programming Framework as the new approach for growth and development decision making, actions, and implementation across the unique and diverse regions of the State
  •  Facilitate the creation and operation of the Tennessee Regions’ Roundtable that will build out the Learning, Capacity, and Collaborative Systems of a network of  lead regional organizations

  • Create new Regional Capacity and Synergy through shared knowledge, technical assistance and resources, outreach and communication efforts, and diverse organizational affiliations among Tennessee Regions’ Roundtable Network partners

  • Create Leadership and Expertise among practitioners in the public and private sectors, government agencies, design and planning communities, and aligned affiliates and funders for successful implementation

  • Support and expand statewide goals of supporting Economic Competitiveness and Job Opportunities, creating Quality Communities, and ensuring the Wise Use of Fiscal Resources

  • Identify joint outcomes and actions that will leverage funding, policies, and expertise through National, State, and Regional Resource Organizations and Funders

  • Position Tennessee as the leading Southern State in successful implementation within our Quality Communities Framework, Principles, and Practices