A new publication from the Tennessee Regions’ Roundtable Network, sponsored by the NADO Research Foundation highlights innovative community and economic development projects being implemented throughout Tennessee. Stories presented from the state’s diverse regions and communities demonstrate collaborative leadership, strategic partnerships, and implementation-funding techniques that local government, planning, and community and economic development leaders can put to use in their own communities.







Our Tennessee Regions’ Roundtable Network is focused on collaborative efforts to accomplish the following projects:

      • Sharing our Quality Community Tools and Resources Series to promote Quality Growth, Natural Infrastructure, and Rural Economic Community and Workforce Development resources.
      • Sharing and creating Community Engagement tools including Regional Summit formats, communication and messaging tools, community presentations, website linkages, social media and other outreach and communications resources and strategies.
      • Working with our State and Federal Agency  Advisors  to Identify and Align Program Priorities, Incentives, and Resources.
      • Networking Public and Private Sector Leaders from diverse organizations and perspectives with state and national Affiliate Organizations and Funders to maximize our joint efforts and insure access to expertise and resources that will accomplish our shared goals and objectives.